Cold Weather Running Clothes

Depending on how cold it is, I have a bunch of clothes I like to wear during the Baltimore winters. Some years we get lucky and it doesn’t get below 30-40 degrees. Other years we get blizzards and freezing temps. I am including a variety of items that I like to wear running in the cold.

8Thorlo Women’s Socks
These are warm and have a nice cushioning.

North Face Half Zip

I just got this for Christmas. I wear shirts like this as a top layer on almost every run when it’s cold out. I have some other ones that are older, and couldn’t find links anymore. So far this one is just as good!

photo 2

On the top I am wearing a really thick long sleeve that I got at target 2 years ago. I can’t find it on their website anymore, but it was by C9.

On the bottom I am wearing Brooks running tights. I don’t think they have this style anymore, but I recently got Brooks Women’s Infiniti Tight III
and really like them so far.

photo (13)

I have three pairs of running gloves that I rotate between. From left to right:

Vapor Dry Glove II
– these are the lightest gloves I own.

Saucony Women’s Ulti-Mitt Running Gloves
– I got these as a gift and really like them. They’re warmer than the Vapor Dry gloves, add the mittens add extra warmth. I also like that you can get your finger out to use your phone without taking the whole glove off. There is also an LED light that you can clip on.

Sugoi Men’s Firewall LT Glove
– these are the warmest gloves I have, and I find them comfortable.


Chaos Hats Gaiter

I like to wear this when it’s really cold and windy. It can be harder to breathe when the material is over my mouth, so I pull it off when the wind isn’t blowing.

Brooks Infiniti Headband

 I like how this stays on, but its not as warm as other ones I have had. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this if the temps were below 30 degrees.


TrailHeads Power Ponytail Hat – cold smoke grey / berry

I just got this hat recently, and its the first one I have tried that actually stays over my ears! I also like that it has a hole for my ponytail in the back. 



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