Run to remember 9/11/11- 23:59
Jingle bell run (Baltimore) 12/11/11- 23:05
Pikesville 5k 7/15/12- 23:01-1st place age group
Red shoe shuffle 4/14/13- 22:05 1st place female
Pikesville 5k 7/14/13- 22:34 2nd place age group
Mercy Foot and Ankle Run to Remember 5k  9/8/13- 23:13- 1st place age group       
Jingle Bell Run (Ellicott City)  12/7/13-   21:38 1st place female (PR)                                                                                                        


Port to fort 4/26/09- 29:01

Race for our kids 6/7/09- 53:47
YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase turkey chase 11/24/11- 50:13
Rite aid Cleveland marathon 10k- 50:40
Sole of the city 10k- 47:31(PR)


Baltimore 10 miler 6/16/12- 1:22:11 (PR)
Baltimore 10 miler 6/15/13- 1:22:13

1/2 Marathons
Baltimore running festival 1/2 marathon 10/13/07- 1:53:09
Fredericksburg 1/2 marathon 5/3/09- 1:54:10
Marine corps historic half 5/16/10- 2:00:12
Baltimore running festival 1/2 marathon 10/15/11- 1:53:09 (same time, same course as first 1/2)
Rock n roll USA 1/2 marathon 3/17/12- 1:44:40 (PR)
Maryland 1/2 marathon 5/6/12- 1:52:41
Providence 1/2 marathon 8/19/12- 1:48:15
Maryland 1/2 marathon 5/11/13- 1:49:47
Annapolis Running Classic 1/2 Marathon 11/23/13- 1:50:52
Rock N Roll USA 1/2 marathon 3/15/14- 1:52:32


Philadelphia marathon 11/20/11- 4:07:43
Houston marathon 1/13:13- 4:05:59
Baltimore Running Festival 10/12/13- 4:06:38
Rock N Roll Raleigh Marathon 4/13/14- 4:01:05 (PR)



6 thoughts on “Races

  1. I was just checking out the races you have run and it seems were are pretty similar runners in terms of pace/distance. Since I’m from the Baltimore area too, we should run together sometime!! I could use your help getting that sub 23 5K that I’ve been striving for (my PR is 23:04)! My first marathon was 4:08 and I’m running my second one in November hoping to break 4 hours (Richmond). Ill be doing 3 legs of the relay in the BRF so maybe Ill see you out on the course! 🙂

    • That would be great to run together some time! Do you have any more 5Ks coming up? I am also hoping to break 4 hours for the marathon. I will definitely look out for you at the Baltimore running festival!

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    • I don’t know how I managed to run the same time! I was shocked when I pulled up the official results and it was exactly the same, to the second! Not sure when I’ll be doing another local race…I actually don’t have anything planned this year besides the Raleigh Marathon. I’ll be sure to let you know if I sign up for anything!

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