Weekly Recap and the Return of Humidity

I am so glad that I didn’t sign up for the Maryland Half Marathon, which was today. I haven’t felt at all like I was ready to race, and there was no reason to push it. Last year this race was on the first humid day of the season. The same went for today. After maybe 2-3 weeks of nice spring weather, I went outside  this morning to that all-too-familiar feeling of getting hit in the face with thick, humid air. The temp was about 66 degrees, but I started sweating immediately.


I made it 11.5 miles and was super gross by the end. Do you know the feeling where your clothes weight 10 pounds more than when you put them on because they are soaked? That was what happened today.


Looking back on this week, its nothing exciting because its pretty much what I planned out in my post on Sunday:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 4.21 miles (8:50 pace), core and glutes, Body pump in PM

Tuesday: 5.1 miles (9:10 pace), core and glutes

Wednesday: 25 min elliptical, Body Pump, CX Works. Hot Yoga in PM

Thursday: 5.5 miles: After a 10 min warm up, I alternated 4 minutes hard with 2 minutes easy, 5 times and then ran a 10 minute cool down (8:44 average pace)

Friday: 3.8 miles (9:08 pace), Yoga in PM

Saturday: 11.5 miles (9:03 pace)

Total: 30.11

As I said last week I haven’t been feeling 100% so I went for a consultation with a different chiropractor (more on that in another post). To help see my progress I am starting to track how I feel each day during/after my run. Hopefully I can see that the treatment I am getting/what I am doing is helping to make progress. Today I felt great until the last 2 miles, at which point my left leg gradually started to get tight. A few weeks ago it felt that way after 4 miles, so this is much better.

My goal at this point is to feel good enough to run the Baltimore 10 miler on June 14th. I know what to expect from the race because I have ran it twice (its hilly, and I know it will be hot in mid-June) but if I’m feeling good it will be an opportunity to see where I am speed-wise in a shorter distance race.

IMG_0150[1]Baltimore 10 miler 2012

So tell me, how was your week in running/training/working out?

Does it get really humid where you live?

Note: I just switched to self-hosting (but didn’t change any of my blog format yet). Please let know if you are having any issues getting to my blog!