Thinking Out Loud #2

Another Thursday, and another bunch of random things to share!


  • Once a week I have been using the elliptical as cross-training. Don’t get me wrong- I find it really boring but it does have it’s benefits. Its nice that I can do other things while I am on it (I can’t read or play with my phone when I am running) and I have found settings that really work my glutes. I’ve been using a high incline and medium resistance, and go backwards for part of the time.


This week I bought new Runner’s World!

  • My OCD comes out in random ways. When I am setting up for body pump, I need to be in the same spot (towards the front but not front row, off to the side, and able to see myself in the mirror) and I like my risers to match. I prefer all black, but if some of them need to be purple it can only be 2 and the purples have to both be on the top or bottom.



  • This week I feel like I have eaten more “junk food” than usual- between teacher appreciation week (I’m not a teacher, but I work in a school) and attending a baby shower on Tuesday, there have been lots “treats”. I find that I start to feel kind of off when I eat that stuff, so I need to make an effort to get back on track. I find that it makes me more tired and I end up craving sweets more.


  • I have been loving the warmer weather lately, but it would nice if it wasn’t freezing in my school every day. I would love to start wearing spring clothes, but even when I do I end up with a sweatshirt or fleece on. Still, its been great running weather. The sunrises haven’t been too shabby either.



  • I went back to yoga last night but crow was not happening. It was a hot class, which felt awesome after my freezing cold day at work! I sweat more than is probably normal, but it felt really good to get in another deep stretch.

9.29.13 1

(not from hot yoga this week- but it does make me excited for the summer yoga series at the harbor to start again!)

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What is your favorite form of cross training?

Are you OCD about anything?

Have you been having good running weather where you live?


15 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #2

  1. I am the most OCD about which treadmill I run on at the gym. It sounds crazy, but I am so picky – there is one that I swear isn’t as “hard.” And when I get the gym and someone’s on it, I totally creep on them until they get off it!

  2. I feel your pain on the cold school. They shut off the heat and refused to turn it back on. Those 50 degree days were not so good in our old building! Teacher Appreciation week is definitely hard for healthy eating!

  3. i live in florida…where it’s warm always…but the CRANK the AC and i’m always and forever cold. today i was freezing, then i walked to lunch and started sweating (hard) and then got back to my desk and froze. always. sigh.

  4. Very much YES to having some OCD tendencies. I like things in my pantry and cupboards to be lined up a certain way, and I can’t cope with clutter in my kitchen. I don’t mind a messy bedroom, but dishes on the counter or in the sink?

    • Yep I can be OCD about clutter too! There are certain places that I don’t mind it and others where it has to be completely in order. I drive my husband crazy because I like to have everything “put away” and he likes to leave everything out. When I clean up he can never find anything.

  5. This weather has been AWESOME! It’s so nice to be able to run comfortably outside again and with less layers.
    Yoga is definitely my favorite crosstrain or the bike, but I occasionally get on the elliptical just to get some different muscle movement involved. I also enjoy the fact that I can play Candy Crush while I’m on there haha.

  6. Crap, not sure what happened to my comment! 😦 Oh well … no biggie!

    The weather here is improving nicely, with this morning hitting 60F for my 4AM run, which was just glorious … if I could have that every day I would be happy! Lisa and I sat on the front porch and drank coffee after I showered and she finished her workout.

    As for cross-train … yeah, I was not so good during the winter and now it is nice outside I know it won’t happen much at all! Crap, planned to be better this year 🙂

    As for OCD, it is little things, like aligning lightswitches on multi-switch lights, arranging wine glasses and tea cups when I put them away, and stuff like that.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • I’m glad you are having good running weather, too! We FINALLY made it through that terrible winter:) I wish I had somewhere to sit outside and drink coffee (or wine). That is one of our favorite things to do on vacation (if we have a balcony) is to sit outside and relax.

      Yea if you managed to not need to get indoors all winter I can’t imagine you would start now:) Maybe when it gets really hot? Honestly I find it kind of annoying to cross train because its so much more easier and efficient to just run.

      I think we maybe all have a little OCD qualities in some way! Glad to know I’m not the only one:)

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