Thinking Out Loud #2

Another Thursday, and another bunch of random things to share!


  • Once a week I have been using the elliptical as cross-training. Don’t get me wrong- I find it really boring but it does have it’s benefits. Its nice that I can do other things while I am on it (I can’t read or play with my phone when I am running) and I have found settings that really work my glutes. I’ve been using a high incline and medium resistance, and go backwards for part of the time.


This week I bought new Runner’s World!

  • My OCD comes out in random ways. When I am setting up for body pump, I need to be in the same spot (towards the front but not front row, off to the side, and able to see myself in the mirror) and I like my risers to match. I prefer all black, but if some of them need to be purple it can only be 2 and the purples have to both be on the top or bottom.



  • This week I feel like I have eaten more “junk food” than usual- between teacher appreciation week (I’m not a teacher, but I work in a school) and attending a baby shower on Tuesday, there have been lots “treats”. I find that I start to feel kind of off when I eat that stuff, so I need to make an effort to get back on track. I find that it makes me more tired and I end up craving sweets more.


  • I have been loving the warmer weather lately, but it would nice if it wasn’t freezing in my school every day. I would love to start wearing spring clothes, but even when I do I end up with a sweatshirt or fleece on. Still, its been great running weather. The sunrises haven’t been too shabby either.



  • I went back to yoga last night but crow was not happening. It was a hot class, which felt awesome after my freezing cold day at work! I sweat more than is probably normal, but it felt really good to get in another deep stretch.

9.29.13 1

(not from hot yoga this week- but it does make me excited for the summer yoga series at the harbor to start again!)

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What is your favorite form of cross training?

Are you OCD about anything?

Have you been having good running weather where you live?