Food Prep, Weekly Meal Plan, and Workout Plan

I finally made a Pinterest site for the blog! It is still a work in progress, but I started organizing it this weekend. I made a board for ‘’This Week’s Meals” where I will save everything I plan to make that week, and then move it to another board if I like it and want to make it again. Check out my Pinterest page here:

So here is my meal plan for this upcoming week:

Sunday: Baked salmon (I don’t follow a recipe, I just top it with olive oil and seasoning), cous cous, veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower)

Monday: Spaghetti Squash Lasanga, Salad After buying the squash and starting to prep it on Sunday, it exploded in the microwave. So I had to adjust the recipe and used penne instead of squash.

Tuesday: Turkey burgers, sweet potatoes, green beans

Wednesday:  Italian Quinoa Bowl

Thursday: Parmesan Crusted Chicken  This is Rob’s favorite meal. I have made some changes to it over the many times I have made it.

Friday: Pasta, turkey meatballs, salad

Saturday: Out to dinner for Mother’s Day

Food Prep:


I washed up some kale and pulled off the stems, to freeze and use in smoothies this week.

kaleI also cut up pineapple to use in this smoothie, and peeled some bananas. Both will also go in the freezer.



Berries for snacks and yogurt:


And cut up some chicken to keep in the freezer for meals later in the week.


As I said above, there was an explosion of the spaghetti squash in my microwave.


I made the recipe with penne because that’s what we had…not as healthy but oh well!


At least we will be having this salad on the side:


I made turkey meatballs to keep in the freezer (I made 16, and split them into 2 containers of 8).

turkey meatballs

I made more hummus this week, but this time its for a potluck at work.


And of course we needed something sweet for this week. I baked these cookies but subbed 1/2 for the butter for 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt.



I also came up with a workout plan since I am trying to include more yoga into my routine while I have this month membership:

        Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday         Thursday Friday Saturday
AM rest 4 miles 5 miles Elliptical, body pump, cx works 5 miles 3 miles 11-12 miles
PM rest Body Pump Yoga Runners core DVD Yoga
The miles are just a guideline. I would like to get back to doing about 30 miles a week and then once I a feeling good I’ll start adding some tempos/speed work in.
Bestfoot This Week Link-Up
Do you have any fun recipes planned for this week?
Do you usually plan out your workouts ahead of time, or decide day by day?

16 thoughts on “Food Prep, Weekly Meal Plan, and Workout Plan

  1. so maybe this is crazy, but my spaghetti squash explodes like every other time I do it in the microwave and I still use it in whatever I was planning… Crazy, right? I kind of plan my runs, not really and same with my food, but I should! You’ve totally inspired me!

    • Haha well I thought about using it but most of it was all over the microwave and I needed all of it for the recipe. I couldn’t really imagine scraping it off the sides and then making the lasagna. It was also really hot so we had to wait for it to cool to clean it out. (And the next time I used the microwave it started sparking, and I have no idea why! Now I’m scared to use it.)

  2. I don’t plan workouts, but you and runningsouthern have inspired me to start this week! I usually have vague workout plans, but I sometimes end up skipping them because I put them off. I hope writing them down will help!

    • I usually have a vague plan in my head unless I’m training for something, but I like having structure which is why I came up with the plan this week. Also, when I plan my workouts ahead of time I know which nights I will have less time to cook dinner, so I arrange our meals around that.

  3. I am roasting spaghetti squash as we speak! Always comes out perfect as follows: 425 degree oven, cut in half lengthwise, scoop out seeds and strings, face down on aluminum foil lined baking sheet, bake for 25 minutes. I roast the whole thing and use the second half for another meal. I’ll store it in the fridge and then warm it up when I need it.

    I’ve always wished i could get into yoga…your plan looks really good. I can’t pass up this good weather we’ve been having but would love to add some strength and yoga to my routine 🙂

    • That method sounds great! I’ve done it in the oven before but I was trying to take a shortcut doing it in the microwave:) I always have a hard time cutting through it before its cooked.
      I go through phases with yoga…right now I really like it but at times I just can’t bring myself to slow down and take an hour plus out of my day to get there. I can walk to my yoga studio, so it gives me an opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather!

  4. I just wrote about tracking workouts today… I haven’t really been following a plan but I am excited to get back to it.
    For spaghetti squash I do the same as Michele mentioned above but I use a baking sheet with sides and have a small amount of water on the bottom of the pan to keep the spaghetti squash moist.

    • I feel like I need some structure to my workouts, so when I’m not training for anything I go a little crazy without a training plan:)
      Thanks for the tip on cooking the squash! I will have to do it in the oven from now on. I was trying to save time doing it in the microwave but it’s not worth risking another explosion!

  5. I need to learn from you. Your food prep is brilliant! Tonight’s meal was actually planned out yesterday which is a HUGE step for me! (Pretty pathetic, huh? haha) Great workout plan as well!

  6. hmmm…am i OCD about anything, rather, where should i start?!? jk. but yea, it’s funny sometimes how i don’t even notice i’m OCD about liking things a certain way until someone asks me, “why do you pick that same treadmill/elliptical all the time?” like at the gym.
    and while that elliptical can be boring, it sure as heck is great cross-training and helping us runners stay healthy…good for you! 🙂 and not shabby reading material. 😉

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