Recent Workouts (April 24th-May 3rd)

Since I’m not training for anything these days, I thought I would just post my workouts since my last check-in (which was when I talked about my race recovery).

Thursday 4/24: 3.71 miles easy and Runner’s Core DVD

Friday 4/25: 3 miles on treadmill, Body Pump (Sometimes its just easier to do a little run on the treadmill before and after the class, even though I will always prefer running outside)

Saturday 4/26: 6.44 miles and Runner’s Core DVD. I was planning to do 8 but just wasn’t feeling it, so I figured there was no reason to keep going.

IMG_2433[1]Sunday 4/27: 30 minutes easy reflexion yoga

Monday 4/28: 4.1 miles in the AM, Body Pump in the PM

Tuesday 4/29: 3.5 miles, Runner’s Core DVD and 60 minutes hot vinyasa in PM

Wednesday 4/30:  25 minutes elliptical, body pump, cx works

Thursday 5/1: 5.11 miles

IMG_2495 after the rain

Friday 5/2: 3.35 miles on treadmill, Body Pump, 75 minute vinyasa yoga in PM


  Saturday 5/3:  10 miles and Runner’s Core DVD


I am also doing PT moves that my chiropractor has shown me 5 times a day. The goal is 20 repetitions each time, for a total of 100 a day. It’s tough to get it in that often but I have been trying my best. I usually do it once before my morning workout and once right after, and then as soon as I get home from work, and twice in the evening. He also wants me doing single leg balances for 15 seconds at a time for a total of about 10 minutes a day…some of them with my eyes closed.

I tried to take pictures to demonstrate…it was really difficult:


You lift your knee slightly above your hip, slightly bend your standing leg, lean forward slightly and squeeze your abs and standing glute. This is really hard for me to do with my eyes closed!

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

What kind of workouts have you been doing lately?