Last Minute Race Plans!

Happy Friday! Has this week felt long to anyone else? I always think that March drags because there are no holidays or school breaks. Lately, its seemed even worse because the winter continues to linger. At least most years by the time March comes around the weather is getting warmer and giving us a taste of spring. This year its been more like a tease. We’re supposed to get more snow Sunday night. I’m not even surprised at this point.

Anyway, to help with getting through the last couple weeks of peak marathon training and the monotony  of March, I decided at the last minute to run in the DC Rock n Roll Half Marathon as part of my long run on Saturday! I am NEVER spontaneous with races, so this is very unlike me. I saw on twitter that Megan who used to blog at “MegaNerdRuns” had a bib available. After a couple days of E-mailing about it, I decided to taker her up on the offer! I really just decided for sure yesterday, so I ran my weekly runs as I usually would and I am not rested for the race. However, this is a good thing because my plan is not to race, but to run at a comfortable but challenging pace- marathon pace or a little faster. I also need to tack 5 miles on before or after the run to make it 18 for the day.

I am excited for the great running weather we are supposed to have, and it will be great to have a change of scenery. (Not to mention crowd support and running along side thousands of other runners!) I ran this race in 2012, although the course is different this year than it was then. I don’t think the elevation is much different, so it will still be a fair but challenging course.


This course is where I got my current PR, which I have held for 2 years now. I know I won’t be breaking that tomorrow, but it will be fun to be back where I had a great race.

Good luck to every else racing this weekend! Who else will be in DC for the race on Saturday?


13 thoughts on “Last Minute Race Plans!

  1. Hi! I just recently started following your blog. Good luck on your run!

    I’ve been using 5Ks and 10Ks as tempo/training runs for my upcoming half marathon, and it’s definitely been helpful

  2. Wow – great grabbing a bib, and should be fun. I have never done anything like that … well, I guess I did sign up for a marathon 4 weeks before the race in the midst of training for another marathon last year, so I guess that might count! Enjoy!

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