Raleigh Marathon Training Week 11 and Giving up Facebook

Week of 3/2/14- 3/8/14

Sunday 3/2: 8.2miles easy (9:32 pace), drills, Quick Strength for Runners Week 4 (Part 1)

harbor (1)

Monday 3/3: Rest, 45 minutes easy yoga  (Snow day)

Tuesday 3/4: 8 terrible treadmill miles, PM- Pilates for Runners DVD

Wednesday 3/5: 12 miles with 8 mile progression run in the middle (9:10 pace overall), core, Quick Strength for Runners Week 4 (Part 2)


Thursday 3/6: 8.12 miles with 5 x 1k and 400 m recovery (8:35 pace overall), PM- Body Pump


maybe this will be the last time we see snow this winter?!

Friday 3/7: 6 miles easy (9:47 pace), drills

Saturday 3/8: 18.2 miles with 10 at goal marathon pace (8:56 pace overall)



Finally added some hills to my long run


Total: 60.54

I managed to pull off another 60 mile week and I am still feeling good! (Well, except for knowing that I have a lazy butt).

As you may have been able to tell from the title of this post, I gave up Facebook. (Just for Lent.) I find myself checking it way too often and getting annoyed about seeing the same types of posts from the same people all the time. I figured it would be good to break away for a little bit.


However, it looks like Facebook knew I hadn’t signed in for a few days…I even got an E-mail saying I missed a lot!



Hopefully I don’t miss anything too important, but I keep reminding myself that 11 years ago I found out about things without Facebook. I didn’t make any sort of public announcement on there that I would be signing off, I just decided on Wednesday that I wouldn’t go on until Easter.

Have you ever given up social media?

How was your week in running?

If you are Catholic, did you give up anything for Lent?


4 thoughts on “Raleigh Marathon Training Week 11 and Giving up Facebook

  1. Another fantastic week! Great job getting ‘off your butt’ and doing so well! (I think there will be an obligatory period of butt jokes now).

    I have never given up Facebook, but it isn’t a huge compulsion for me … my tech-based lenten give-up was ‘computers in bed’. So when I had something for work to finish the other night I sat at the table rather than bringing it into our room. I was disappointed that my Kindle screen chose to die since I last used it … but at least I have my Kindle Fire, but I was trying to stay low-tech 😉

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