Raleigh Marathon Training Week 10 and More Snow?

Week of 2/23/14-3/1/14

Sunday 2/23: 6.1 miles easy (9:20 pace), drills, Quick Strength for Runners Week 3 (Part 1)

Monday 2/24: AM- 12 miles with 3 x 2 miles at HMP (8:51 pace overall), core work, PM- Body Pump


Tuesday 2/25: AM-6.2 miles easy (9:40 pace overall), PM- Pilates for Runners DVD


Wednesday 2/26: 12.1 miles (in the snow!) with 8 at MGP (9:02 pace overall), Quick Strength for Runners Week 3 (Part 2)


Thursday 2/27: Rest, 30 minutes Reflexion Yoga

Friday 2/28: 6 miles easy (9:45 pace), drills


Saturday 3/1 18 miles (9:20 pace)


postrunbeer  Post long run relaxation

Total: 60.4 miles

This was a good week, and I hit 60 miles for the first time ever! It’s been exciting to reach new all time weekly mileage highs, but for the next few weeks I plan to hover around 60/61 miles as the peak of my training before tapering.

I am already starting to get stressed out about the upcoming week of training, because there is a snowstorm today. I got an easy run in yesterday, but I am worried that the conditions this week will make it difficult to get my harder workouts in.

I keep telling myself that a few missed runs won’t ruin my training, and that spring is RIGHT around the corner. (But how much longer can I really keep saying that for?!) Luckily I haven’t really missed any workouts, due to switching around my schedule based on how the weather looks for the upcoming week. It seems like Monday is the the worst day to get snow, because there isn’t much time to get a few quality workouts in before the snow comes. Rob is actually about to go brave the snow for a 2-3 mile run, but I decided to pass. I’m feeling  a little sore from this weekends 18 miler, so I am hoping that I can save my running for a day when I can get in a planned workout. I mean, I’d rather not run a 12 mile progression run in 17 degrees, wind, and 6 inches of snow/ice…but that’s just me.

I am going to try to not worry so much about getting all of my specific runs in, but instead focus on some of the things I can control. Specifically, I need to make sure I am drinking enough water. I am usually pretty good about staying hydrated, but as I have been running more I think I need to make a conscious effort to drink more water. In this post from Running Around the Bend, there is an important reminder about staying hydrated and the impact of dehydration. I am also going to make sure I keep up with my core work and foam rolling- I can’t blame the snow for getting in the way of those activities!

I shared this picture on instagram yesterday:


We went out to dinner at The Prime Rib on Saturday night. We had planned to use a gift card we had been saving for awhile (it was a wedding gift) and decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a few weeks late. We never like going out on Valentine’s Day weekend, so we usually do something the week after, but we couldn’t get a reservation at a time that worked for us.


We never really go out to eat, so it was nice to do something special, and I think we both enjoyed a nice big meal after our Saturday long runs!

How was your week in training?

Are you still dealing with winter weather?


11 thoughts on “Raleigh Marathon Training Week 10 and More Snow?

  1. AWESOME job with 60 miles! So exciting! Thanks for the shout-out on hydration, it is SO easy to forget especially during winter. And today I wrote again about winter running motivation … because frankly it is hard to come by!

    And you and your husband look so cute in that picture – saw the napkin on Instagram, looks like such a great time!

      • But look at it this way – this winter is rough, but you just set a weekly personal mileage record! How badass is THAT?!? So if this week you can’t hit that same level (safety first), oh well! You WILL get them back!

  2. I definitely struggle with weak glutes and tight hips. I have done those exercises before, but my resistance band snapped and I never got another. You just reminded me though, so I’ll try! I’ve recently really focused on using my glutes during squats, stairs, etc. Really contracting with them……it makes a huge difference.

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