Raleigh Marathon Training Week 9 and Freedom!

Another week of training is in the books and there wasn’t anything too special about this week. My low back has been acting up a little bit…I am blaming the 3 weeks I spent as a juror having to sit all day long and only being allowed to get up when the judge released us for a break. Usually when I am at work I am walking around most of the day. I might sit for a few minutes on and off, but I consider it a good day if I can sit down to eat lunch for 10 minutes. I can also get up when I want, not when someone tells me I can. I understand that we need jurors, and there needs to be some sort of order throughout the process, but there are so many activities in society that expect us to sit for extended periods of time.

The perfect method for getting out of jury duty:


(Maybe I’ll try this next time?)

Once I started having some low back problems, I became more aware of how I sat and how long I sat for. I found that the longer I would sit, the tighter my hips would get and my back would tighten up too and everything would fall apart from there. (I had piriformis problems for over a year and every specialist I saw blamed it on my back.)

Even for people who are not runners and maybe they’re not worried about tight hips and other imbalances, it’s still not good to sit all day! I recently read some articles on other blogs reminding readers of this important point and if you are interested you should go check them out on Healthy Regards, Hayley and Run to the Finish.

Luckily, jury duty is finally over! What was supposed to be a 5 day trial turned into an 11 day trial. (It was also interrupted by snow days and President’s Day.) So tomorrow I can return to work and my usual routine. Hopefully my back will settle down now that I am not forced to sit all day! I am also excused from serving for 3 years, so that is a nice silver lining. I have to admit it was also nice to have more time to run in the morning. We didn’t have to be there until 9:30,  while usually I get to work around 8:00.


So on to the running part of the week…

Week of 2/16/14-2/22/14

Sunday 2/16: 8.25 miles easy (9:35 pace), Quick Strength for Runners Week 2 (Part 1)


Monday 2/17: AM- 11.26 miles with 6 x 1 miles at HMP (8:55 pace overall), core work, PM: Body Pump

Tuesday 2/18: Rest…Did you know that Feb 18th was National Drink Wine Day? So that’s what I did!


Wednesday 2/19: 8.25 miles with 6 x 800s (8:52 pace overall), Quick Strength for Runners Week 2 (Part 2), PM: Pilates for Runners

Thursday 2/20: 6.1 miles super easy (10:16 pace), drills, core work


Friday 2/21: 5.1 miles easy with strides (9:21 pace), core work


Saturday 2/22: 16.2 miles with miles 4-13 at marathon goal pace (~8:46) 



Total: 55.16

The weather finally came around this week! We had no real snow and by the weekend the temps hit 60 degrees! It was so nice running in the warmer weather, but I think it was just a tease and we still have some waiting to do before spring is here for real.


(according to weather.com)

I guess we will see if winter is going to continue to torture us, or if this weekend’s weather is a sign that spring is almost here.

Do you sit all day at work? How often do you get up and walk around?

Have you ever been selected as a juror? How long did the trial last?

How was your week in running? Do you think spring is almost here?!


6 thoughts on “Raleigh Marathon Training Week 9 and Freedom!

  1. Ah I’m jealous! My job involves sitting staring at a screen all day, from 9.30 in the morning sometimes until past midnight! I can feel my glutes seizing up…. So I’m jealous of your job. Glad juror duty is over for you so you can go back to real life!

  2. That looks like a great training week! I’m supposed to be training for my first marathon, but I’ve been sidelined with a case of runner’s knee, unfortunately. I was selected as a juror recently and the trial was expected to go on for a week but luckily only lasted three days. There were so many recesses and breaks though that we barely had to sit for very long, I was glad. Here in California, being a juror only excuses you for a year, it’s interesting to find out about all the different laws for different states!

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