Scenes from a snow day

There was no running outside today, and my gym was closed. I tried to sleep in, but of course that didn’t happen. However, the day ended up being nice and relaxing.





The morning started with coffee and lounging around in pajamas and slippers.

coffee I made some pancakes.


Did an at home workout- Body Pump on You Tube and Pilates for Runners.


Some quality time with the foam roller.

foamrolling A fruit and veggie smoothie.


Baked chocolate chip cookies


Started reading a new running book: Quick Strength for Runners (followed by a nap!)


Made some steak fajitas for dinner


And now we are relaxing on the couch, watching TV, and drinking some wine!


Anyone else have a snow day today?

If you are experiencing a winter storm in your area, what are your running plans for the next few days?


8 thoughts on “Scenes from a snow day

  1. Sounds like a great day! I am in the middle of the storm, too. Luckily today was my rest day. My apartment has a gym, so I plan on hitting that tomorrow for my five miles. I am a little worried about what I will do for my long run on Saturday. The gym has an hour cut off, so I would have to be a little sneaky to get 13 in. I would also feel bad if there was a line. Go away winter!!

  2. Your day sounds awesome! Glad you got to enjoy it!

    No snow day here – the kids’ after school things were cancelled, but we only got 4-6″ overall so not too bad once the plows got started (heard that around noon there were loads of accidents). For me I was just happy to be so much warmer … but it is sad when 15F is ‘warm’!

  3. You were so productive !!!! I REALLY wanted to bake cookies too and realized… NO chocolate chips. So sad, but yours look so good. I’m really hoping all this snow stops soon, not a fan of digging out my far !!!

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