Raleigh Marathon Training Week 6 and Fighting off a Cold


Week of 1/26/14-2/1/14

Sunday 1/26: Rest day: 30 minutes reflexion yoga, some core work, Runner’s Core Stage 1 level 3 (I decided to go back to the other stages now that I have completed all 3)

Monday 1/27: AM- 10 miles: 5 x 1 mile at half marathon (8:57 pace overall), core, PM- Body Pump

Tuesday 1/28: AM- 8.1 miles easy (9:34 pace overall), core work PM- Runner’s Core stage 1 level 3, 30 min yoga

Wednesday 1/29: 8 miles easy on the treadmill (9:52 pace overall), core work

Thursday 1/30: 10 miles with 6 at marathon pace (8:54 pace overall ), core

Friday 1/31: 8 miles easy (9:37 pace), core

Saturday 2/1: 11 miles (turned into a progression run) (8:38 pace overall)

Total: 55.1

photo 3

On Tuesday it was 15 degrees, but felt like 1. This was probably the coldest temperature I have run in, but the wind was only 13 mph so I think other runs with stronger winds have felt worse.


The snow from last week still hadn’t melted, and then we got a little more on Wednesday morning. All week the temperatures were too cold for anything to really melt.

photo 2

Finally this weekend the weather has warmed up and just as all the snow/ice is going away, I am hearing of another snowstorm on the way tomorrow.


I am getting tired of complaining about the weather, and I am really hoping it will start turning around soon.


Saturday’s long run went really well, and I was a little disappointed that I had told myself to cut it short due to some errors in my training plan. When I got back from my run I felt good, but as the day went on I started to feel a little run down. I realized I was really cold all evening, I felt more tired than usual, and questioned if maybe I was getting sick. Right away I started loading up on vitamin C and antioxidants. I ended up going to bed at 8:30, hoping to feel better in the morning.

When I woke up I felt better overall but my throat was really sore. So now I am just trying to recover as quickly as possible! With more snow on the way, and a possible cold, I have a feeling there will be more obstacles to my training this week! I think I am learning to just go with it, as we just can’t control everything.

photo (18)

Sunday will be spent resting, eating soup, drinking tea, and watching the Superbowl. I also created a smoothie to combat this cold, so check back tomorrow for the recipe!

Do you have any tips for fighting off a cold?

Are you going to watch the Superbowl? Who do you want to win?

How was your week in running?


7 thoughts on “Raleigh Marathon Training Week 6 and Fighting off a Cold

  1. I wrote about running and fighting off colds this week – for me, starting to feel lousy is often a sign of feeling run down so I just slept both weekend days. It meant doing 43 whereas I would have done just between 50 – 55. But no regrets.

    We still have the super bowl on at this point … but not sure why. It is the 4th quarter, and just a dreadful blowout! Didn’t really care who won, but wanted a game!

    • I must have been a little run down also. I think a full day of rest yesterday and lots of extra sleep this weekend helped alot!
      I ended up going to bed at half time. I figured sleep was more important, especially since it wasn’t even an exciting game.

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