Runners need to be good at math?

It has been one of those weeks where I have felt really disconnected from social media. That’s probably a good thing ever now and then, but it stresses me out when my bloglovin account has 75 unread posts. I’m slowly making my way through them, but I feel like it’s less enjoyable to read blogs when you have so many at once.


I have felt like I have been on autopilot this week, just going through the motions of running, working, eating, and so on. Since I am following a training plan for my marathon training, I have just kind of been doing the prescribed workouts or rearranging them based on the weather and my preferences. The plan tells me how many miles to run each day, and gives a total for the week. Well, for this week, the total was supposed to be 55 miles. I figured that was a good progression, since I had been running about 50 miles per week for several weeks, and decided I would cut a run or two short if I felt like it was too much.

I got through my weekday runs as planned and today I was sitting in a professional development adding them up in my head. The plan had me running 16 miles tomorrow. I had already run 44 miles this week. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that makes 60 miles, not 55.


So I decided to cut down tomorrows 16 miler to maybe 10 or 11. Who knew you needed to know how to do math to train for a marathon? I think I will be checking my plan in the future for errors like this.

On another note, I saw my chiropractor on Wednesday and mentioned the on and off foot pain. He thinks that my big toe is not strong enough (also- I have a blister on my big toe- which is a sign to him that either my shoes are not right or I am driving my toe down incorrectly.). He did some ART on my inner ankle area and showed me how to do some self-massage for trigger points there. I also need to start doing toe exercises. Really?  Like I don’t have enough to worry about with running all the miles, stretching, foam rolling, core work, etc? But whatever I have to do to run injury free I guess.

1He drew on my leg where I need to work the knots out. He suggested I take a picture of where he drew so that I wouldn’t forget.

Also, I didn’t mention this yet but a couple of weeks ago my chiropractor shared that he was leaving his position at the office where I see him. He commutes from Pennsylvania to Maryland and it sucks up a ton of time for him, which I totally understand, but I was still really sad. I will probably have 1 or 2 more sessions with him and then I will need to figure out if there is someone else in the office who I could see or if I should start a whole new search. It took me so long to find someone that really helped with my problems. If anyone knows a great chiropractor who does ART/graston in the Baltimore area, please let me know!

Do you ever have weeks that you never use social media?

Do you follow specific training plans, or make up your own workouts as you go?


7 thoughts on “Runners need to be good at math?

  1. Great week – though good you endured the math so you didn’t overdo it! (I am a statistician and measurement engineer so math and I are good friends 🙂 )

    That is awful losing your Chiro – I hate it when that happens, and it has happened twice with our primary care doctors (once for us, once for the kids) since we moved here about 6 years ago.

    As for plans … I don’t but I am not closed to the idea, just have never used one. But then again I ran my first half-marathon in 2012 and didn’t even taper … so I’m still learning!

    • I think plans can be good as long as you’re not afraid to adjust them as needed.
      It is never easy to lose a trusted doctor. Since I have been living in Maryland (about 12 years now) I still bounce around between doctors, dentists, etc. It can be hard to find a good fit!

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