15 Random Thoughts During My 15 Mile Run

Mile 1: Wow it sure is raining hard out here. It didn’t pour the whole time, but it never stopped raining.

Mile 2: Running is the best! I can do this forever! That thought came and went throughout the run.

Mile 3: What’s that twinge in my foot? Is that a real pain? Just a twinge.

Mile 4: That’s the spot where I started the Baltimore marathon!


Mile 5: Keep good form. Keep good form.

Mile 6: What am I going to make for dinner this week?

Mile 7: Stepped in a puddle. Ugh my foot is soaked. Totally unavoidable with all the rain we had gotten. I was lucky I made it to mile 7.

Mile 8: I really need to remember to take this Christmas song off my playlist.

Mile 9: What am I going to blog about this week? Here it is. My creativity is at an all time low.

Mile 10: Why did I suddenly get a headache? That’s weird. Went away after a few minutes.

Mile 11: How do these Christmas songs keep getting played?! I am totally over Christmas songs.

Mile 12: This weather sucks. I want to go back to Hawaii. One year ago this weekend we ran the Houston marathon and went to Hawaii for our Honeymoon.

Hawaii 203

Mile 13: OK half marathon distance covered. 2 more to go.

Mile 14: After this mile I will have run 50 miles this week!

Mile 15: There’s the spot where I fell and broke my finger! Don’t trip! I didn’t:)

photo 1

Does anyone else get a headache when they are running in the cold? It has happen to me a few times over the past few weeks, and I was wondering if I’m not keeping my head warm enough, or if there is another reason this may be happening?

 What are some random things that you think about while you are running?


4 thoughts on “15 Random Thoughts During My 15 Mile Run

  1. OK, this sounds crazy, but hear me out … I ALWAYS used to get headaches while running in the cold, and it turns out it was because I was scrunching my shoulders up towards my ears, and ended up aggravating a nerve in my upper shoulders/ neck. It took so many physical therapists to figure this out! So try to relax your shoulders and see if it might help you :). Congrats on the run!

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