Raleigh Marathon Training- Week 3

Between the freezing cold weather and rain this week, I am truly surprised that I got all of my training runs in. I am really hoping the rest of the winter isn’t like this!

Week of 1/5/14-1/11/14

Sunday 1/5: Rest day: 30 minutes reflexion yoga

Monday 1/6: AM- 6.07 miles easy (9:49 pace), Runner’s core stage 3 level 2, PM- strength

Tuesday 1/7: AM- 8 miles on treadmill  (9:30 pace), core work, 30 min yoga

Wednesday 1/8: 4 miles easy (9:39 pace), Body Pump, Runner’s core stage 3 level 2 

Thursday 1/9: 12 miles with 5x 1.5 miles at half marathon pace and .5 mi rest interval (HMP at ~ 8:15) (8:54 pace overall), core

Friday 1/10: 5.5 miles easy (9:51 pace), core

Saturday 1/11: 15.3 miles (9:28 pace)  in the rain

Total: 51.07

On Monday I was happy to discover that it was in the 40s, although it was raining. I felt good but took it slow because there was still ice in some spots. After work I did my Runner’s core DVD and some strength work.

tempI knew it was supposed to get really cold on Tuesday, and with all the precipitation we had over the past few days I knew I shouldn’t run outside. I was supposed to do a speed workout, but I can’t run fast on the treadmill. (I don’t know what it is- I used to be able to!) So I figured I would just focus on getting the miles in. It was hard enough to get through 8 miles on the treadmill, but I did. The school where I work had a delayed opening, so I went home and did 30 minutes of yoga.

On Wednesday it was still pretty cold, so I decided to take a body pump class and run my easy run on the treadmill before. By this point in the week I was still feeling really good.  After work I did Runner’s core again.

iceharbor frozen harbor

On Thursday I was excited to get back outside again! It was in the upper 20s, which I was fine with after the weather the other days this week. My workout was a 2 mile warm up, then 1.5 miles at half marathon pace with a half mile rest interval (5 times) and a 2 mile cool down. I was a little nervous going in to this because I had been running so much slower lately, but the half marathon pace felt really good! I was really sore and my legs were tired from this workout and body pump the day before.


the sun was actually out!

On Friday I woke up planning to do an easy 5 miles outside. When I stepped outside, I almost fell just stepping on to the sidewalk! It was sleeting and ice was accumulating on the ground. I went inside and saw that my school was delayed again, so decided to go to the gym. I took it really easy on the treadmill and then used the foam roller to help loosen up my legs.


My legs felt ready for my long run on Saturday, but not totally rested. That is supposed to be the point on this training plan- to run the long run on tired legs. It was pouring rain during almost the entire 15 mile run, but I was appreciative to not be dodging ice, sludging through snow, or facing negative 15 degree wind chills. My body felt more like I had ran 20 miles than 15 after I was done.

I am glad I got all the miles in this week even though it was not ideal. It is going to be a looonngg training cycle if this weather continues!

How was your week in running?


6 thoughts on “Raleigh Marathon Training- Week 3

  1. Don’t underestimate how hard it is to persevere despite the weather! Looks like a great workout week!

    I totally get the plans with the ‘run on tired legs’ as the goal, because I think that is more important than just logging lots of miles on Saturday or Sunday. Your brain and body handle things differently, and teaching them to deal with that adversity is crucial for when you need to dig deep in a marathon!

    Good luck next week! And let’s all hope the weather cooperates a bit better!

    • Agreed! When I was reading Hanson’s marathon method, there was something said in there like you don’t want to run your best during the training, and you should make the training hard so you can be successful on race day. For me, I have always had pretty good endurance (I can kind of zone out and just run) but its harder for me to hold a harder pace for a long time without mentally and physically giving up. Hopefully this will teach me to persevere through those feelings!

  2. great week of training! and i’m SO happy that you made the smart move and ran indoors, much better hitting up the treadmill SAFE than falling and getting injured outside. 🙂
    i sure hope that weather starts behaving better for you!

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