Raleigh Marathon Training- Week 2

Yesterday marked the end of the second week of training for the Rock n Roll Raleigh Marathon. I read the book “Hanson’s Marathon Method” and am following that concept for my training. It includes a lot of easy days of running, with a long run on tired legs.


My plan is to start training with higher mileage than usual and see how my body adjusts. If I notice its too much for me, I’ll cut it back. Here’s what week 2 looked like:

Week of 12/29/13-1/4/14

Sunday 12/29: Rest day: 60 minutes reflexion yoga, Runner’s core stage 3 level 2

Monday 12/30: AM- 6 miles easy (9:16 pace) core work, PM- strength workout

Tuesday 12/31: AM- 10 miles with 5 x 1 mile at half marathon pace (~8:15) (8:48 pace overall), core work

Wednesday 1/1: 6 miles easy (9:14 pace),Runner’s core stage 3 level 2

Thursday 1/2: 8 miles easy (9:23 pace), PM: 30 minutes yoga

Friday 1/3: 5 miles easy (10:19 pace) , Runner’s core stage 3 level 2

Saturday 1/4: 15 miles dodging the snow and ice (12 outside, 3 on treadmill) (10:03 pace)

Total: 50 (I think this was my first 50 mile week ever!) I think it really helped to get to a higher mileage this week by keeping most of the runs really easy. The paces prescribed for my easy runs range from 9:29 to 11:15, and typically I run my easy runs around 9:15. As much as the snow was annoying to run in, it did keep my pace slower, which was probably a good thing. 1 (5) Even though its not really supposed to snow more this week, the temps are low and I’m worried that the sidewalks are going to continue to melt and refreeze for awhile. I’m not sure if I will have to suck it up and move my workouts inside for a few days this week. Do you run easy runs at a much slower pace, or do you end up running them at a pace you still find somewhat challenging? How was your week in running?


10 thoughts on “Raleigh Marathon Training- Week 2

  1. I definitely run my easier runs at a lower pace! If I don’t then I don’t find them “easy” anymore. That book looks really interesting and I might have to check it out..

  2. great week of training and congrats on that highest week ever! but i’m glad u’re going to really listen to ur body and cut back volume if u need to…that’s something that’s pretty important and individual to each person. keep up the momentum! 🙂

  3. Given my running habits it might seem odd for me to say, but if the roads are icy it would be better to make use of treadmill at this point – don’t want an injury to spoil your training!

    Looks like a great week of training! Personally I definitely segregate my easy runs by pace (or difficulty of feel), but especially during winter most of my runs are just ‘normal pace’ – just about getting out there and putting in the miles.

  4. Congrats on a great week of running!! I’ve recently hit my first 50 mile weeks, too – feels good, right? I kind alternate on easy runs … some of them are truly easy, and are much slower than race pace, but if I’m feeling really good and recovered, I have no problem going a little harder even if my schedule says “easy.”

  5. I thought I was the only one who drank wine when they are training! My friends think I don’t take running and training serious enough because I have a few glasses of wine. what they fail to realize is that I also drink a lot of water to keep me hydrated.

    • Water can definitely help, but I also think everyone is different when it comes to home much alcohol they can handle. Some of the bloggers I read drink all the time and still are amazingly fast!

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