Plans and Goals for 2014

I hope everyday had a good New Years Eve! Unless you’re living under a rock, you have probably seen plenty of New Years Resolution talk all over the internet. Most years I don’t make official resolutions…but more general intentions for the year. I think the last time I actually wrote down specific goals and worked on them all year was in 2008. To be honest, I feel like I do pretty well with my lifestyle, but I can always strive to do better. So over the last few days I came up with my goals for 2014.

2014 goals

While I feel like 3:50 is much faster than my current PR, I wanted to make my one running goal challenging. I’m sure I will be happy if I break 4 hours, or even just PR, but based on my other race times I know I can run less than 3:50.

The other goals are more doable, as long as I remember to keep up with them. I’m not sure exactly how I want to improve my blog, or what kind of path I want to take in health and fitness, so I left these goals more open to flexibility throughout the year.

In order to reach my goal of a 3:50 marathon, I need a race to run, right?!


Rob and I signed up for the Rock n Roll Raleigh Marathon on April 13th.  I stared training last week, which was a little challenging with all of the traveling.

Here is what my training looked like last week:

Weekly Recap:

Sunday 12/22: rest

Monday 12/23: 6 easy miles on the treadmill in Michigan, strength

Tuesday 12/24: 6 easy miles on the treadmill with strides, Oiselles’ Runner’s Dozen Core Routine

Wednesday 12/25: 8 miles with 4 at marathon goal pace (MGP- 8:45ish)

Thursday 12/26: 6 easy miles in New York, core work

Friday 12/27: 13 miles in New York (average pace 9:08)

Saturday 12/28: 6 easy miles in New York with strides at the end, core work

(all the “easy” miles were run at about a 9:15 pace)

Total Miles: 45

I felt pretty good throughout the week, but yesterday my low back/piriformis started acting up a little bit. I’m trying to not get too worried, but might need to back off bit until it settles down.

Did anyone else start training for a spring race?

What is one goal you have for 2014?


10 thoughts on “Plans and Goals for 2014

  1. I love the list, and hope you put actions behind those. For example, paying off student loans we came to a time when one of our cars was paid off and we continued pulling that same amount each month and applying to the loans. (of course the sad reality is that one year of college now costs considerably more than my entire undergrad degree and graduate coursework).

    I haven’t signed up for anything yet and so I am just working to stay ‘half-marathon ready’, and that is working out great so far. 🙂

    Good luck with all of your goals!

  2. I love your goals!! And I’m so glad your comment about the marathon made me look into your times – ours are so similar! My marathon PR is also 4:05, and I’ve done 4 marathons. It’s something that I KNOW I “should” be able to beat easily based on my other times (my half marathon PR is 1:39), but I just don’t think I’ve got the marathon beast mastered yet. So … I keep wavering between goals for my next marathon (March 1st) … do I just go for what I think I “should” be able to do (3:40?) and then risk crashing and burning and winding up unsatisfied again? Or do I stay consistent and just try to beat 4 hours, so at least I can say I did it? I’m leaning towards the latter, but we’ll see!

    • I have exactly the same thought process about it! The marathon sure is a different type of race compared to shorter ones. I am hoping that by following a specific training plan aimed at hitting 3:50 I will be prepared. But anything can happen on race day! Good luck with your training!

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