Happy Holidays!

I have been totally MIA from the blog world lately, and its been kind of nice. I survived a full week of traveling and used the time to disconnect from the internet for a little bit. I thought I would check in today with a summary of the past week. All the craziness started last Saturday. I flew to Michigan to meet up with Rob and his family (he had flown to Ohio 2 days earlier, and they were driving up to Michigan where his grandfather lives). Before leaving, I got an 11 mile run in.

sunrise4 We had some warm weather in Baltimore, and it was in the 50s when I went out for my run. It was nice to run in shorts in December!shorts My flight was a little delayed, but I met Rob’s sister and her husband at the Detroit airport around 5:30. We met up with Rob and his parents at a hotel around 7, had a quick dinner of Jimmy John’s, and exchanged gifts, and then headed to hang out with his grandpa for a little bit.

michigangym The hotel had a gym, so I started most of my mornings with a treadmill run. (It was snowy and icy in Michigan, so there was really nowhere to run outside).

christmascrack We were planning to hang out most of the time at Rob’s grandpa’s house, but he lost power for a few hours on Sunday. We broke out some Great Lake’s Christmas Ale in the hotel lobby while watching some football.


Later, once the power was back on, we did a beer tasting. We ended up tasting 12 beers, including a wide variety of types of beers. I brought a 6 pack of Resurrection from Baltimore, which is brewed at Brewer’s Art Pub.


It was really fun just hanging out and trying some beers that I would typically never drink.

lisashannon2robgrandpa  On Monday we celebrated Christmas with Rob’s side of the family.


Then on Tuesday we flew back to Baltimore for the night. It was a really quick turnaround- we landed at 3pm, made it to church at 4, and then my parents and sister came over for dinner and gifts at 6.

katiegiftrobgift We unpacked, did some laundry, and repacked for our trip to New York on Christmas morning. Before leaving, I got an 8 mile run in. It was much colder than before I left.



At 8 am my parents and sister picked us up and the 5 of us made the drive up to Long Island to spend a few days with my family. We got in around 2, and were at my aunt and uncle’s by 3 for Christmas.


katiedadlunch There was a lot of food, drinking, and good times with family and friends. And of course, there was running.

sunrise1 It was exhausting to do that much traveling and I didn’t feel completely like myself this week, probably due to not eating and sleeping as well as usual.

travelhealthfoodStarbucks and premade smoothies were two of my main staples during this week. Not as good as the smoothies I usually make, but I felt like it was a solid effort to consume some nutrients.

While it was nice to be away, it feels SO good to be home and relaxing. Rob and I are finally getting to exchange our Christmas gifts today.  I hope everyone else had a nice holiday!

Did anyone else have a busy week of traveling?

How do you stay healthy while you are traveling or busy?


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Fortunately we didn’t travel – my brother and his daughter came to visit us for a few days, otherwise just busy with Lisa working and kids having loads of activities around here.

    For me, health while traveling means prep. If you are driving you have more control, if not it is harder. But being able to buy ‘portable’ healthy foods is important. For me it is often packing a bag of fruit.

    • You’re right- it really is all about preparing for travel! I usually try to pack some trail mix and granola bars, and then hope I can buy some healthy snacks along the way.
      Hope you had a nice holiday!

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