10 Minute Around the World Stability Ball Workout

This morning I couldn’t sleep past 4:30 am (on a Saturday!). I am usually an early riser, but this was a little crazy even for me. I might just be excited to see all my college friends at a wedding tonight, or maybe I wanted to make sure I got my run in before the snow started. Anyway, I did the usual coffee, bagel, banana routine and got ready to run. I came up with this stability ball workout that I thought I would share.

10minstabilityballworkout(Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer and just put together these exercises after learning them from my own experiences in physical therapy, group fitness classes, and personal training sessions).

I was out the door to start my run at 5:50am. I only saw 2 other runners the whole time. It was very strange for a Saturday. I haven’t ran since Sunday, since I am cutting back this month to rest up for spring training. I always find that after taking some time off it makes it SO much better to get back out there! Yesterday as I was leaving the gym I caught a glimpse of an awesome sun rise through my car window.


While each day this week I missed being outside running, the time off made it that much more amazing to be out there this morning. As runners we often want to do it all, right now. As we move form short term thinking to focusing on our long term goals, we can see the big picture of how we want running to fit into our lives. Hopefully, we will all have another chance to reach our goals and enjoy running. For me, it is still a process and I still get caught up in focusing on doing everything right now. I feel like the past few weeks have made me stronger as I have voluntarily taken time off from running (not due to an injury!) and let go of my type A training for a bit. Hopefully when I start spring marathon training, I will be more prepared mentally and physically for what the season has to bring.

What are your running plans for the weekend?


5 thoughts on “10 Minute Around the World Stability Ball Workout

  1. Gorgeous sunrise!

    Kids have loads of stuff today, wife working – me playing Dad taxi service 🙂 Tomorrow is baking day with everyone home … can’t wait!

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