Blogger Holiday Gift Exchange

A few weeks ago, I read about the Blogger Holiday Gift Exchange that is being hosted by Michelle from A Healthy Mrs.



As a relatively new blogger, I was excited for the opportunity to connect with some other bloggers! We didn’t need to mail our gift until December 15th, but Michelle said we could send our gifts early if they were ready. I received my gift yesterday! I was so excited to get a package in the mail and saw that it was sent all the way from Florida! (If only the warm weather could have been shipped up this direction…)

photo 3 

Include in the package was a Starbucks gift card, Sally Hanson nail polish strips, and a note from the blogger who sent them to me: Sammy from Peace, Love, and Ice Cream!

photo 1How cute is this Starbucks gift card?!

I may have already made a stop there today:)

photo (11) 

I sent my gift out yesterday, and I’ll share what I sent and who I sent it to after they receive it.

Thank you to Sammy for an awesome gift, and Michelle for organizing a fun holiday activity!


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