Core Focused Total Body Workout

I finally made it back to the gym this week after a few months away. There were lots of “excuses” including all the running for upcoming races and the broken finger. But now that the fall running season is pretty much over, I decided it was time to cut back on my mileage and get back to cross training and strength workouts. The elliptical bores me but I managed to stay on there for 30 minutes before completing the workout below. I ended with an easy 15 min run/walk on the treadmill. This workout took me about 30 minutes and  I used a bosu, 15 pound weights, and 8 pound weights.

core focused total body workout

Let me know what you think of this workout!

Have a great Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “Core Focused Total Body Workout

  1. I am reading a lot of folks changing up running for more strength / cross-training stuff, and your workout looks good. I need to try to integrate more bodyweight and other non-running exercises into my routine, and this weekend I started with the 100 burpee challenge as part of that Elf for Health calendar thing.

  2. I am doing the same thing you are. Cutting back mileage and adding strength training such a Body Pump class which I am really loving. I think it’s a natural time to cut back especially if you live in a cold state and can’t run outside all the time.

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