Annapolis Half Marathon Training: 11/10-11/16

As I said in my last post, this was a pretty good training week. Here is the recap:

Weekly Recap:

Sunday 11/10: Rest

Monday 11/11: 7.25 miles: 5 x 1ks with 400 meter Rest intervals (average pace 8:26) hip strengthening

Tuesday 11/12: 7 miles easy (average pace 9:16) , Runners core stage 2 level 2, PM Yoga

Wednesday 11/13: 6.25 miles tempo (2 easy, 3 at short tempo pace, 1 easy) (average pace 8:16), strength workout

Thursday 11/14: Yoga and Runners core stage 2 level 2

Friday 11/15: 5.5 miles easy (average pace 8:56), abs/hip strengthening

Saturday 11/16: 9.78 mile: 1 mile easy, 8 mile tune-up workout (see below), cool down (average pace for 8 mile part of run 7:59)

Total Miles: 35.78

I talked about my feelings for most of my runs this week in my last post. I was also happy with my run today. It felt hard, but that’s what training is all about, right?

Instead of just running a steady pace, I decided to break up my run for more of a challenge and to take my mind off how I was feeling. I have done a shorter version of this workout before, but I modified it for the distance/time I was running today.

Half marathon tune up runI know this looks like a lot of confusing numbers, but its actually pretty easy to remember. The “hard” times increase by 2s from 3 minutes up to 7 minutes and back down…while the “easy” times just go from 1-2-3 and back down. Maybe I just like having something like this to distract myself with, but my run definitely went by quickly.

I tried to keep my “hard” pace a little faster than HMGP, and my “easy” pace was whatever I needed, usually around 9 min/mile. Just to warn you, the “easy” portions fly by, so I wouldn’t do the “hard” intervals at a time you can’t maintain!

arc bib

Yesterday I went to Falls Road Running Store to pick up our race stuff. We got this hat and then we also get a finisher’s shirt when we finish the race. One more week to go!

Also, GOOD LUCK to Amy at who is running her FIRST half marathon tomorrow!

What is your favorite memory from your first big goal race?


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