You’re Stronger Than You Think

The theme of this week’s running has been all about overcoming mental barriers. As I was running today, I came across a Powerbar van parked on the street, and across the back was their slogan “You’re Stronger Than You Think”.


On Monday I had a tough track workout: 5 x 1ks with 400 meters of rest in between. My times weren’t right on target, but I felt like I really pushed it.

photo 4

After this workout I kind of thought I would be done for the week due to tired legs.


Monday turned out to be a crazy day at work. I was dealing with a crisis until 11pm, which is well past my usual bedtime. I also didn’t eat from lunch until the time I got home, so I knew I wasn’t properly fueled for running. I knew that I would feel better on Tuesday if I got a run in before work, so I forced myself to get out there. It was really windy and I felt like I was still asleep for most of the run.

photo 3

I survived and luckily it was planned to be an easy run but I was still happy with my pace.

Wednesdays’ workout was a great one. The plan was 2 miles easy, 3 miles at “short tempo pace” (according to the book “Run Less, Run Faster” this for me is about 7:35), and 1 mile easy.

After the first 2 miles, I had my doubts about being able to do the workout. I thought back on how last week anything sub-8 pace was rough. It was also pretty cold out. But I went for it anyway.


Um what?! I was shocked that I was able to do that. Those miles were basically at my 5k PR pace and I didn’t feel like I was going to die or couldn’t run another step. As I jogged the last mile, I thought about how last week I was frustrated with some of my runs. I guess we often times take 2 steps forward, and 1 step back, but in the end what counts is that we make PROGRESS.

On Thursday I took a well deserved rest day, but got in some yoga and core work. Today’s run was unremarkable, but I did get to break out my new Pureflow 2s, which finally went on sale at Runner’s Warehouse.

photo 1

This “training” for the Annapolis half has been short. There have been ups and downs, but I think I have built up my confidence with some of these harder workouts.

One other positive self-talk message that I heard today while taking a Reflexion Yoga class: “Your mind will always tire before your body does”.

Any other phrases you like to say to keep you motivated during a tough run?


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