Wine Tasting in Mt. Airy, Maryland

This past weekend my husband, Rob, and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. After our long runs in the morning (10 miles each, not together:)) we spent the day on Saturday wine tasting at 3 wineries in Mt. Airy, Maryland.

DSC03231We reserved a town car to drive us the 50 minutes out to Mount Airy, around to the different wineries, and back home, so that neither of us had to drive. We found a good deal at

 DSC03204 DSC03203

We made our first stop at Loew Vineyards just before noon. It was a small winery but everyone was really friendly. We tasted 8 different wines and ended up buying 3 bottles (2 of which were dessert wines).

DSC03205 Because of the time of year, all the grapes were already off the vines in the vineyard. DSC03212 The second stop on our tour was Black Ankle. I had heard about this winery from some of my dad’s coworkers who have distributed their wine. It was busier here, and we did a tasting with a few other people. We only tasted 4 wines here, but spent more time learning about the wines and about the history of the vineyard. The wines we tasted here were really good, so I am going to share what we tried:


2011 Rolling Hills

2011 Syrah

Terra Dulce III (dessert wine…this is delicious! We bought a bottle)

However, I think these wines are only available in Maryland.

DSC03211We also took a tour of the vineyard at Black Ankle. We were told that 6 people hand pick all the grapes from the vine every season. In looking at the vineyard, that sounds like a lot of work!

DSC03233I asked Rob how long it would take us to drink all of this wine:


DSC03226   DSC03227

We should have brought a straw:)



After the tour we headed over to the final winery, Elk Run. This was smaller than Black Ankle but bigger than Loew. We did a tasting of 5 wines and chose a bottle to purchase. We also each got a glass of wine to enjoy before we headed home.


Then this happened:


This cat that was around the vineyard just jumped onto Rob’s lap and then onto the table! (We are not cat people:))

We were pretty tired after all the tastings so it was really nice to have a ride home. Everything worked out so well with our self-planned tour. The timing was perfect: we rented the car for 5 hours, which included 50 minutes each way from Baltimore to Mt. Airy. We were only at Loew from about 12-12:20, so we arrive at Black Ankle at 12:30. We did the tasting, and the tour was at 1pm. We left Black Ankle around 1:45 and got to Elk Run at 1:50, so we had a full hour there to relax. It was such an enjoyable day and a perfect way to spend our anniversary!


When we got home we relaxed for a little bit before heading to Flemings for dinner.


This is our favorite nice restaurant, mostly because of the chocolate molten lava cake:)


The also brought up a card and truffles for our anniversary.

Flemings happens to be located right next door to the Marriott Waterfront, where our wedding reception was held last year. We stopped in for a drink after dinner.

DSC03252 DSC03245

We were out until like 10pm, which is super late for us these days.

Sunday, which was our actual anniversary day, was really laid back. Church, grocery shopping, beer, football, lasagna, and year old wedding cake. We also watched our wedding video….everyone definitely took advantage of the open bar!

photo 2 I still can’t believe its already been a year since our wedding! We had a perfect weekend celebrating, but now its time to focus on the last bit of training before the Annapolis half. I’m feeling ready!


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