Annapolis Training: 2 Weeks to go

I don’t really know when I technically started training for the Annapolis Half, since I was coming off of the marathon. So now that this week is over, there are 2 more weeks before the race. My runs have been up and down. Last Saturday I struggled through my long run, and yesterday I felt great. Some days my pace is right on, and some days my “easy” pace is close to 10 minute miles (usually its about 9:15). I saw this on twitter yesterday and hope its true:


I’m trying to not put alot my pressure on myself for this race, because I want to just enjoy it. But like I said, I want to finish mentally strong.

So, here was my training for the past week.

photo 5

Week of 11/3-11/9:

Sunday: Reflexion Yoga, Runner’s Core Level 2 Stage 1

Monday: 6.5 miles (6×800) (8:31 pace), hip strengthening

Tuesday: 8 miles easy (9:42 pace), Runner’s Core Level 2 Stage 1, PM- short yoga

Wednesday: 7.2 miles: 1 mi easy, 2@mid tempo (7:41, 7:38), 1 easy, 2 @ mid tempo (7:40, 7:36), 1.2 easy (average 8:19 pace), hip strengthening

photo 3

Thursday: 3.4 miles easy (9:15 pace), arms, hips,  Reflexion Yoga

Friday: 5.1 miles 8:41 pace), Oiselle Dozen

Saturday: 10.2 miles, last 3 at half marathon goal pace of <8min/mile (8:24 pace)

Total Miles: 40.4

photo 1

My go-to long run outfit lately: shorts and compression socks, long tank top with long sleeve shirt, and usually gloves.

After my long run on Saturday, we went on a wine tour to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. I am planning to write a separate post about it within the next few days. But today is our official anniversary, so I will finish up with a picture from our wedding day:

wedding disc 3 054

This first year has flown by, but the best is yet to come!


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