A Review of Reflexion Yoga

Now that fall is truly here, and the Waterfront Wellness outdoor summer yoga series has come to an end, I needed another way to get some yoga incorporated into my weekly workout routine. My gym offers yoga classes, but they are always super crowded and too late in the evening for my liking. There is also a Charm City Yoga within walking distance of where I live, but in my opinion its a little too expensive to fit into my budget (especially since I already pay for a monthly gym membership). I definitely can’t afford a monthly membership at a yoga studio, so in the past I have bought packages of 10 classes. It’s not ideal because I feel like I can’t “waste” the classes and sometimes try to save them. As a result, I don’t do as much yoga as I should.

9.22.13 4

I had heard about Reflexion Yoga from another blog, and decided to try it out. They offer a 15 day free trial and after that its $12/month or $99/year. I started trying it out during the free trial period and was immediately impressed.

Reflexion Yoga was started by Kyle Weiger, and after I was signed up he personally E-mailed me asking for feedback about the site. I was able to tell him what I loved about it and how I felt it could be improved, and he got back to me explaining some ways that the website would be evolving. According to the Reflexion Yoga Website: “Reflexion Yoga was built with one very simple purpose in mind: to offer an online library of yoga classes and yoga exercises that you can access from the comfort and convenience of your home.”


There are other similar online yoga sites available, and I have tried a couple others. Reflexion yoga has the best prices and the best videos from what I have seen. The yoga videos have a class instructor and a student, so the instructor guides the student through the practice. This gives it the feel of being in an actual yoga class by the way the instructor teaches the class.


The classes can be filtered by instructor, difficulty, and time. They are also categorized into beginner classes, power yoga, yoga with weights, and yoga workshops. I like to do a couple shorter yoga sessions a week (a 20-30 min class in the evenings during the week or a 45-60 min class on a rest day from running). I really prefer this to the typical hour and a half sessions at a studio. I can take the class whenever is convenient for me, not based on when the class is being held. I also don’t need to worry about revealing my post-marathon black toenails in public:)

photo 3

Yesterday morning I took “Stretching for Athletes with Hillary”. It was an easy class focused on stretching and allowed me to spend some quality time stretching my hips and hamstrings, which are typically tight from all my running. I was able to view it on my laptop at the time that worked for me. Super easy and convenient. 


I plan to continue using Reflexion Yoga instead of taking classes at a studio. I may consider the year membership at some point, however, its hard to just drop $99 at once which is my only hesitation right now, even though it will save me money in the long run.

I highly recommend trying out Reflexion Yoga. With the free 15 day trial, there’s no reason not to!


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