A Quick Race Update

I ran and finished the marathon with a smile on my face (sort of) but didn’t PR or break 4:00. I really enjoyed the first half of the race, but just lost my momentum during the second half. Here are the results, but I’m a little confused about that “8:23 pace” for the first split.

imageBased of those splits, one would think I went out too fast and that’s why I crashed at the end. However, based on the garmin times I was reading, this is what I thought I ran:


So I feel like I ran a strong race, and had to slow down at the end if in order to finish, and I’m ok with that. I was also starving by mile 20, which has never happened and I fueled exactly the same. Anyway, I’ll do a more detailed race report in a few days.


Its a good thing I didn’t come out of the race giving up running altogether. My husband got me THIS for my birthday when we got back from the race:


Those are McMillan Running’s Runner’s core levels 1, 2, and 3, and drills for distance runners and “Run with your body, race with your mind”. AND that printout on the left is an order for the new Garmin 620!!! This thing looks so cool. It won’t ship for awhile but he placed the order and said I can changed the color or model (the 220 is also new) over the next few days. Does anyone have either of the new Garmin’s and have recommendations?


I’m gonna try to recover a little more before dinner and drinks with the fam. Be back in a few days with a full race report!


4 thoughts on “A Quick Race Update

  1. So glad you had a great marathon! You are an inspiration. I hope to do a marathon one day! I am content training for my first half next month right now! Please tell us all about your new Garmin when it comes. I am just entering the world of Garmins!

  2. I just found your blog, and I love the name (I’m a wine-o too!) Congrats on your marathon 🙂 I also ran the BRF, but I was ‘lazy’ and did the relay. It was such a great day for running!

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