DC Running and BRF Week 17

This week I traveled for the DC area for a work conference. I stayed in Crystal City in Arlington VA, right outside of DC. Luckily the trip fell during my taper, so I didn’t have a super long run to cram in while I was away. I ended up doing my last “long” run (8 miles) on Friday and then 4 miles on Saturday. I found this trail a couple blocks from my hotel that took me towards the water and a view of DC.


5The weather in the Baltimore/DC area has been crazy this week- back to feeling like the hot and humid days of August. But it did feel great to get out and run in a new area.


1It seems like DC is much more accommodating to runners/walkers/bikers than Baltimore. There are paths and big sidewalks everywhere. If I had been there longer or had more time I would have really liked to find some running routes that would take me on a tour of the city.

I really slacked on my core work/stretching/foam rolling while I was away (and sitting still for 9 hours a day didn’t help either) but I did make it to the hotel gym for a few minutes to stretch after my runs.


I changed around my running schedule during the last week before the race, so I did 3 miles today. It was SO humid. No sun, just really humid and gross.

humid 10.6.13

I really hope it cools down before the race next week!

Weekly Recap:

Sunday 9/29: Yoga

Monday 9/30: 4.3 miles easy (average pace 9:09) Core work.

Tuesday 10/1: 6.32 miles (average pace 8:41) , ab work, PM Yoga.

Wednesday 10/2: 4 miles (average pace 9:02), strength workout. I

Thursday 10/3: Rest (Literally sat allll day long besides walking 1 block for dinner)

Friday 10/4: 8.12 miles (average pace 8:27)

Saturday 10/5: 4.06 miles (average pace 8:32)

Total Miles: 26.8

Less than a week to go!

Who else is dealing with a fall heat wave?

What other cities are great for accommodating runners?


4 thoughts on “DC Running and BRF Week 17

    • I bet that was tough! All summer when it was hot for my long runs I thought about how it would feel so much easier come the fall when the temperature drops. Hopefully by the time you run your 1/2 marathon it will be cooler and running will feel easier!

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