Taper sets in

Even though I started cutting my mileage back last week, this week I am really feeling the difference. Today and yesterday I had great runs, the kind where I felt like I could run forever.


My pace felt easy, my form felt strong, and my breathing was steady. 


The nice sunrises didn’t hurt either.

But the most important part of the taper is taking it easy and letting my body rest a bit to prepare for the race. My goal is to focus on eating well, foam rolling/stretching, hydrating, and keeping up with my core work.

stability ball 001

I bought a stability ball the other day to increase the intensity of some of my core work. My chiropractor is going to give me some exercises to do on there. Today I did planks on the ball (elbows on ball, feet on floor) and definitely felt it more than doing them on the ground.

Does anyone core exercises that they do on a stability ball?

Any tips for surviving the taper? 


2 thoughts on “Taper sets in

  1. When I’m tapering I try to do more walks with my husband, biking around the neighborhood, etc. so I feel like I’m out there being active but in a little different way. I also get a massage 😉

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