BRF Training Week 16…2 more to go!

This was one of those weeks where I really don’t know what I would do without running. It kept me sane throughout a stressful week and was the only consistency I could count on. Here’s how it went:

Weekly Recap:

Sunday 9/22: Yoga in the park

Monday 9/23: 5.29 miles easy (average pace 8:36) Core work. For this run I added in a few faster intervals. I felt good and ran one of my miles in under 8:00.

Tuesday 9/24: 8 miles (average pace 9:31) , ab work, PM Yoga. Kept this run super easy but was happy to get in a longer run on a weekday.

Wednesday 9/25: 5.5 miles (average pace 8:45), strength workout. I alternated easy and hard miles for this run.

Thursday 9/26: Yoga (I signed up for a free trial of Reflexion Yoga)

Friday 9/27: 4.23 miles (average pace 8:18), core work. This was supposed to be a “pace run”, but ended up faster than MGP just to get used to running a little harder again.

Saturday 9/28: 14 miles (average pace 8:54) completed the Oiselle Runner’s Dozen before the run. When I started my legs felt heavy and my first mile was 9:45. I used the first 5 to get my pace down to closer to 9:00. When my watch hit 50 minutes, I started the following workout: 10 minutes on, 6 minutes off, three times. Then I ran comfortably until I hit 14 miles (but did push it at the end). This is how my paces looked, but above I used my “average moving pace” because when I looked at the map I lost satellite for a little bit around the harbor, adding some time to the run.


Total Miles: 36.58

I was pretty exhausted after this workout, but mentally felt better about the marathon in 2 weeks. 9.28.13It was finally cool enough for compression socks again!

9.28.13 1I wanted to try to run in the clothes I would wear on race day, but I have no idea what the weather will be like. I remember last year (I was injured, but watched Rob race the 5K), it was kind of cold, but other years its been hot enough for shorts and a tank top. I am leaning towards a tank top with arm sleeves, shorts, and compression socks.

The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, church, crock pot chili for dinner, and wine.

turkey chili 9.28.13


This morning I went to the last yoga class of the season at the harbor.

9.29.13    Cloudy at the start, but the sun came up shortly after the class started.

9.19.13 2

When the class started I felt really tight, but by the end I felt a million times better

9.29.13 1

I am hoping to spend the rest of today relaxing and mentally preparing for another busy week!


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