My Morning Running Routine

Most non-runners cannot comprehend the thought of waking up at 5am to go running before work. Even some runners have a tough time with it. I guess I am lucky because waking up early has always been pretty easy for me (well, not so much in high school or college, but after that). I thought I would share what a typical morning is like. (I usually get up some time between 5:00 and 5:30, and need to leave for work between 7:45and 8:00).

The Night Before

I set out my clothes so I don’t have to search around for something to wear. This also avoids waking up Rob, who usually gets up later than I do.

photo 2 (1)

I set my alarm with the time I plan to get up and a back-up time. (I actually used to set 3 alarms because I was always afraid my phone would die or not work so I would set a real alarm clock which is super loud.)

photo 3

5:00 AM Wake-up

When my alarm goes off I typically get up immediately. I might browse my E-mails on my phone. I get a “Runner’s Quote of the Day” E-mailed to me and they come through around midnight, so I sometimes read them for motivation in the morning.


I get dressed, put in contacts, and make a cup of coffee.

photo 1 (1)While the coffee is brewing (which takes about 45 seconds) I eat a half or whole honey stinger waffle, depending on how long I am running or how hungry I am.

photo (72)

5:20 AM Warm-up/Strength Work

I have started incorporating my strength work into my pre-run routine. I feel like it helps me warm up, it ensures that it gets done (instead of running extra miles), and the later I leave for my run the more light out it is. I usually do a combination of hip/glute strength work and abs. On my “strength” days I include arms. I try to make it a priority to do at least a couple of hip/glute/core moves every day. These are a combination of exercises I have learned from physical therapy and my chiropractor.

9     10

I also drink at least a full glass of water while I am doing this. Before I head out I do some dynamic stretches to complete my warm up.

5:40 AM Go out for my run

This time varies quite a bit, depending on when I wake up and how much I do before I leave. I guess my average weekly mileage is between 5-6 miles so I am usually out for 45-55 mins running, and then walk around a bit to cool down.

11 6:40 AM Post- Run Routine

My new thing when I get home is not only drink water but also have a glass of chocolate milk. Its supposed to be a great recovery drink, and the sooner your body gets carbs and protein after a workout the sooner you recover. I used to spend time stretching after a run, and would then shower, and wouldn’t take in any calories until about an hour or more after I was done running. Chocolate milk is so fast and easy so there is really no excuse.


Of course, I spend some time stretching


And foam rolling


   7:00 Breakfast Smoothie

Almost every day I make  a smoothie that I drink while I am getting ready for work. I may also have a bowl of cereal, or bring a luna bar to work with me.

My go-to smoothie has consisted of:

frozen fruit (bananas and berries)


greens (spinach and kale) (I usually buy it fresh and freeze it myself), and some ice cubes

photo 1Some vanilla non-fat greek yogurt

photo 2

Natural peanut butter, some oats

photo 3

And then liquid, usually OJ (I buy the kind with added calcium) and/or iced green tea that I make myself and keep in the fridge.

photo 4

     7:10 AM Get ready for work

I carry my smoothie around with me while I get ready. If I need to be in early I just bring it with me.

photo 5

How does your morning running routine go?


2 thoughts on “My Morning Running Routine

  1. Sounds like we have pretty similar routines! I lay out my clothes the night before, and even sleep in my running shorts sometimes! I usually grab a banana with some peanut butter before the run. I have been trying to drink more kale smoothies for breakfast too. It has been going pretty well so far.

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