BRF Training Week 14 and an update

There has not been much running at all this week. After my 5k last Sunday I took a rest day on Monday. I was a little sore but figured that was to be expected. My low back and hip were bothering me a little bit again but I was hopeful that a rest day and taking it easier this week would help.

On Tuesday I set out for an easy run after doing some warm ups and a little core work. Things just didn’t feel right. It’s kind of hard to explain or to pinpoint where things hurt. It was almost like I just felt sort of uneven or something. So after about a mile of a slow run/walk to see if things would get better, I went home, iced, stretched, and knew I would need to take a little time off. I called my sports chiropractor but wasn’t able to get in for a week (my appointment is tomorrow).

I did some cross training on Wednesday and Thursday (weights, spin class, and elliptical). I don’t know of that was a bad idea and not helping things to heal, but this week was really stressful at work and I felt like I needed exercise to cope. By Friday things were a little better so I tried an easy jog on the treadmill for about 2 miles and then took Body Pump.

This weekend we went to New York for a wedding. It was a beautiful day for running and I couldn’t resist giving it a go. I covered 5 miles of running, with walk breaks but I stopped my garmin when I was walking. I was really focused on my form and I think that helped. I don’t think I’m in the clear but hopefully I won’t have to take a ton of time off, and can (maybe??) still run in the marathon.

ny runningPerfect running weather 

The last time I saw my chiro I had told him about the left hip pain and he did not seem too worried, because I have a history of low back problems. (I think something about my SI joint locking up?). I actually started seeing him in April because of a loooong issue with my right piriformis. I had been to PT twice and 2 other chiropractors about it and nothing helped. My current chiro used a combination of ART, dry needling, and KT tape, and also gave me specific exercises to strengthen my glutes and low back. I am now finally over that issue, but things have gotten weird on my left side.

Its pretty frustrating because I am really good about doing core work, stretching, and foam rolling. I also wish I knew exactly what was going on so I can focus on getting better. Hopefully tomorrow I will get some info and answers.

I am trying to stay positive and be smart, but its hard not to get caught up in my thoughts of how unfair things are. I know that tons of other runners also deal with injuries all the time, and most of the time the injuries heal and the runner can get back out there. But the negative thoughts can cause stress, and how do I deal with stress? Running.

I hope to be back with good news, and posts about running and miles and workouts! I would love to hear how others deal with injuries or if anyone else has dealt with a crazy low back?

And unrelated: The best pizza I have ever had in my life from Grimaldi’s:



2 thoughts on “BRF Training Week 14 and an update

  1. That pizza looks delicious! I actually just went to the chiropractor for the first time this week. I am a little concerned about my knee. It is an old ballet injury. How do you like going to this chiropractor? Has it worked out pretty well for you in the past?

    • I think the key is finding a good chiropractor who is familiar with sports/running injuries. I have been to 3 different ones, and 1 of them kept doing the same thing over and over and it wasn’t helping. The person I go to now is very supportive of my running (some doctors will just say to stop….) and he will try new things if what he is doing isn’t working. Good luck with your knee! Im not sure exactly what kind of injury you have, but I know a lot of times KT tape can help with reducing pain and promoting blood flow and healing to the area.

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