Baltimore Run to Remember 5k

On Sunday September 8th Rob and I ran in the Run to Remember hosted by Charm City Run and sponsored by Mercy Foot and Ankle Center. We ran this race in 2011, but the course was different this time.


As you can see, the course ends at a higher elevation than it started.

I did not have high expectations for the race, and had ran 11 miles the day before. Around 8:15 we walked/jogged over to the start line and warmed up. The race started right on time, and I started far enough up that I didn’t have to weave too much at the start.

view run to remember 2013

I felt pretty good during mile one, which was mostly flat. I finished mile 1 in 7:22 and was happy about that but knew there were some hills coming. After the big climb at the beginning of mile 2 I was really tired but able to still hold a decent pace. There was a slight downhill during this mile that helped too. I hit the 2 mile mark in 7:39. During mile 3 the race had really broken up and I felt like I was running alone for most of it. I powered through some more hills and finished mile 3 in 7:27.

run to remember end 1

The end was all uphill and it was really tough. The last .1 was 7:28 (usually I can push a lot faster at the end) for a time of 23:14.

run to remember end 2

After the race there was were some snacks available, so I grabbed a banana and granola bar. My time was more than a minute off my best, but it was hot, hilly, and I ran the race on tired legs. Rob was kind of bummed because he did not hit his goal, so he was ready to head out as soon as we were done running. (Also, there was no beer given out like the last time we did this race).

lisa and rob run to remember 2013

When I got home and checked the results, I realized I got 1st place in my age group! I’ll be able to pick up my award from the Charm City Run store.

beer and football

The rest of the day was spent drinking beer and baking cookies.

 baking cookies

Anyone else race this weekend?


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