BRF Training Week 13

I seriously feel like I have been training for this race forever (which isn’t a bad thing…) 5 more weeks to go.

Weekly Recap:

Sunday 9/1: 5 miles easy, core work (average pace 9:10)

Monday 9/2: Speed work (average pace 7:57)

Tuesday 9/3: AM- 9 miles easy (average pace 9:19), PM- strength/abs

Wednesday 9/4: 6 miles race pace, core work (average pace 8:14)— *this is not really my expected “race pace” but a pace that was challenging but manageable

Thursday 9/5: rest (finally! it had been awhile)

Friday 9/6: 5.9 miles easy with strides, core work (average pace 8:57)

Saturday 9/7: 11.1 miles (average pace 9:07)

Total miles: 41.81

I was pretty excited that the weather started to get cooler this week, and by Friday I was able to wear my hair in a pony tail without it balling up into a huge knot:

hair 9.6.13

I tried to wear it in a braid on Saturday, but that was a fail. All summer the only way I had a chance of keeping it manageable was by tying it into some sort of bun, which I don’t like doing because they tend to fall out. The weekend weather was ok but still pretty warm/humid.

harbor view 9.7

Last night I went to the Rusty Scupper for my mom’s birthday dinner. A few weeks ago she mentioned that she wanted to start running a little more. I suggested she sign up for the Baltimore 5k (same day as Baltimore Marathon) and agreed to make her a training plan. For her birthday gift, I put together a “Runner’s Starter Kit”.

running gift 4

runner gift 2


     I included in the kit:

– a Dri-fit T-shirt from Target

-running socks

-arm band for I-phone


-Runners World magazine

-Balance Bars

-small Vaseline for possible chafing issues 🙂

runner gift 1

Here are some other ideas that could be good for a similar gift but I either knew my mom didn’t need them or could not find them in time:

-sports bra


-watch/heart rate monitor

-book about starting to run, or about strength training for runners

-Road ID bracelet

-gift card to a place where the person would like to buy running gear/accessories

-foam roller/stickrunner gift 3


Any other ideas for a “Runner’s Starter Kit”?

I’ll be back at some point with a race recap for the Run to Remember 5k!


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