Labor Day Weekend (Sangria, Speed Work, and Pizza)

As I said in my last post, I spent Saturday morning running 20 miles. The rest of the day we relaxed, went to church, and made dinner in the crock pot. On Sunday I decided to do an easy shake out run. I ended up doing 5 miles and felt pretty good.

After grocery shopping and some errands, Rob and I headed to my parents house later on Sunday to watch their dog while they were away. I took advantage of a chance to make some Sangria using white wine my parents had in the house.

wine for sangria

I used this white wine and kind of just created my own version of Sangria. With the full bottle of wine I added about 1.5 tablespoons of sugar, 1/4 cup brandy, and a bag of frozen fruit which included berries and melon. Kind of random but it worked.

sangria pitcher 

sangria glass

sangria outside

On Monday Rob and I took advantage of having access to a real track at a local school. I didn’t have a real plan, but wanted to get in some faster paces since I have a 5K next weekend.

My workout ended up looking like this:

Warm up (1.1 miles), 400, RI, 800, RI, 400, RI, 800, RI, 400, RI, 800, cool down.

Times for 400s: 1:32, 1:35, 1:38

Times for 800s: 3:23, 3:30, 3:33

I was happy with this especially after running 28 miles in the 3 days before.

aftertrack  after track rob

When we got home on Monday we made pizzas using our indoor grill to cook the chicken and dough (and then baked them in the oven with toppings). It took a lot of time but they were really good.


Over the past few weeks I haven’t been going to Body Pump which is usually how I get my total body strength workouts in. I think body pump can be pretty intense especially with all the running so it’s probably a good idea to cut back. I decided that I needed to get in a strength workout tonight. I ran 9 miles this morning so didn’t want anything too crazy. I found this workout on Pinterest:


Instead of doing burpees twice during each round, I substituted 30 seconds of mountain climbers for one of the sets. After this workout which took about 20 mins, I did some bicep curls, side deltoid raises, and lunges.

runners strenghtThe only equipment I needed 

I finished off with the 8 minute abs video on youtube (which is hysterical but a pretty good ab workout) and some foam rolling.

sweaty Nice and sweaty from this workout!

For anyone else who has been increasing their mileage- do you still do strength workouts? How often?


3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend (Sangria, Speed Work, and Pizza)

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