20 miles and BRF Training Week 12

Last week I wrote about my quad/hip being tight, so my mileage went down a bit last week. I didn’t run on Monday and cut other runs that week short. I focused on stretching and foam rolling, and added in some yoga. I also made sure to keep up with my core strength workouts.

recovery tools These are some of the best purchases I have ever made

By the end of the week I felt like I was ready to give my 2nd 20 miler a go. I put no pressure on myself, and said if things start hurting I can always cut it short. There is still plenty of time until the race and I already have gotten in a bunch of good long runs.


So it was really hot and gross during this run. The humidity was at 90% when I started around 7am. By the time I finished around 10:15, the sun was blazing and it was 80 degrees. I ended up stopping at mile 15 to buy a gatorade. I also ran with my Camelbak which holds 50 oz of water, but I knew I needed some sodium because I was sweating so much. When I hit my 20 miles I was near a CVS where I stopped and bought another gatorade. It was the best thing I ever tasted. Apologizes to anyone in those stores who had to witness the sweaty disaster I had become.


My time was about 30 seconds faster than my last 20 miler a few weeks ago. This route had less hills, but it was much hotter out.

When I got home I took an ice bath which actually felt so refreshing to get into, but the ice melted really fast. Hopefully it still helped with recovery. My hip didn’t bother me at all during the run! And after the run everything felt “appropriately” sore. I get to see my sports chiro on Wednesday so hopefully he can help get out any lingering knots/tension.

Weekly Recap:

Sunday 8/25: 1 hour online yoga class

Monday 8/26: No running. Strength work and stretching

Tuesday 8/27: AM: 6.4 miles easy (9:17 pace), core work  PM: short yoga workout

Wednesday 8/28: 5 miles (8:55 pace), arms and core

Thursday 8/29: Ran 1.5 mile test run in new shoes (9:11 pace)

Friday 8/30: 3.6 miles (9:20 pace), core work, lots of foam rolling

Saturday 8/31: 20 miles (9:28 pace)

Total miles: 36.5

Still decent mileage even though I cut back.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! I will be back within the next couple days with a post about my LDW including sangria and a track workout!


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