BRF Training Week 11

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Sunday 8/18: Rest day

Monday 8/19: AM- 5.1 miles easy (9:12 pace) core work, PM- Body Pump

Tuesday 8/20: AM- 8.1 miles (was planning to do mile repeats, but legs had a different idea. Picked it up enough to get in a somewhat decent tempo run). (8:30 pace), abs, PM- Yoga online class

Wednesday 8/21: 6 miles easy (9:02 pace), strength

Thursday 8/22: Pilates DVD and short yoga online class

Friday 8/23: 7.2 miles alternating hard/easy pace: (9:11, 7:29, 8:57, 7:18, 8:42, 7:13, 8:28, 7:05 for last .2) (8:09 pace overall), core work, lots of stretching and foam rolling

Saturday 8/24: 14 miles with fast finish- last 3 miles 8:24, 8:20, 7:58 (8:56 pace overall)

Total: 40.4

harbor view 8.24.13 

View of Baltimore harbor during Saturday’s run

My left hip/quad has been a little tight this week- not really pain just feels off. Today is a rest day (I did some yoga this morning) but I think I will see how it feels tomorrow and maybe rest for a few days if it still feels off. I also need to get back in to see my chiropractor so this week might be a good week to do that.

This weekend was the first time I haven’t been away or had a wedding since mid-July. Its been really nice to just relax and get things done. Yesterday I made crock pot chicken marsala so when we got home from church at 6:45 we didn’t have to worry about cooking. walk homeWalk home from church 

While I was serving dinner Rob chose a bottle of red for us to drink:

wine bottle 8.24.13And has anyone ever seen a cork like this?”:

weird cork 

I don’t know how much this wine cost (my dad gave it to us- he works for a wine company) but I wondered if that cork was a sign of a good quality wine. I thought it tasted great!

Please cross your fingers for me that this weird pain is no big deal and I will be back to regular training ASAP! Is anyone else hitting their peak in marathon training and getting any weird aches/pains?


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