Why blog? Why now?

Its kind of random that I suddenly just started a blog. Well, its been a thought in the back of my head for a while. I started reading blogs about 2 1/2 years ago. Back when two of my friends had blogs, I remember them suggesting that I start one too. My response was that I thought I would get tired of it too fast. Well here I am 2 years later still reading blogs and still thinking about starting one, so I figured I might as well. And if its not my thing, I stop. So here are some of the reasons why I decided to start a blog:


My hope is that if I am telling “the world” (or the small part of the world that might read this) my goals and plans, that I will follow through with them. I am not the type who will say “I plan to run 30 miles this week” and then I back out and only run 15. My problem is that I will run 30 or more miles, add a few cross training sessions into that, push through pain, and end up injured or overtrained. I am really working on learning to pay more attention to how I train, without overdoing it. Sometimes, less is more.

Connecting with others

I have to admit that I am really bad about commenting on other blogs. Especially the big ones where I see that 300 other people have already commented, and I’m like “they won’t read my comment anyway”. But I know there are other people out there who share my interests, and may have a small blog that I haven’t come across yet. I enjoy reading about other people’s training experiences and I think I will enjoy sharing mine. The only real-life person who also trains for races is my husband, Rob, but our training approaches are very different. (While I overtrain, he is perfectly ok undertraining).

Sharing my successes and learning from my mistakes

I think it will be nice to have a place to document how things are going. Ok so maybe I am a little type-A with this because I have all my runs saved on my garmin, I upload them to dailymile (here!), I have an excel spreadsheet with all my workouts thanks to Sarahoual, and now they will also be listed here. But I think all of these mediums serve a different purpose. Or so I tell myself. My hope is that I will be able to look back on my posts and see what worked and what didn’t. And maybe some really smart people out there will comment and give me some helpful advice:)

Its a new hobby

So obviously I love to run and drink wine. I also read blogs. But sometimes I run out of blogs to read. So yeah, something to do when I am bored at home.

Opening doors

I have a stable, full-time job that I love and want to continue doing. However, I know I also have a passion for health, fitness, and nutrition. Lately people have been asking me, “when are you going to get a job doing this”. I have made some training plans for my friends and family. I have helped a couple people clean up their diets. I have a master’s degree in counseling, but no sort of specialization in anything that would lead to a career in this stuff. So I guess even though I don’t know where I would like this blog to take me, I am opened to seeing if it leads to any new opportunities.

Express my creativity

I enjoy writing, using computers, taking pictures, cooking, and being creative. From October 2011-November 2012 I put all of my creative energy into planning my wedding. Recently I have felt like I needed another creative outlet. Who knows, maybe I will even start attempting to create recipes. I also do a lot of thinking while I am running, and I have a feeling I will come up with most of my posts during that time. 

A wedding picture, with lots of wine.A wedding picture, with lots of wine

So that’s why this blog was created. Honestly I don’t know how some people post 3x a day for 5 years. But I will do my best to post a few times a week.

For those of you who have a blog, what would you say are the positives and negatives about blogging?


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