Welcome to marathon training

For my first post I decided to start off right in the middle of marathon training. 10 weeks down, 8 to go. I am training for the Baltimore Marathon on October 12th which will be my 3rd full marathon. My first one was 2 years ago- the Philadelphia Marathon- which I ran for the pure excitement of running my first marathon, not really worrying about time. I finished around 4:07  and was surprisingly pleased with that time. My second marathon was earlier this year- the Houston Marathon- in January. Leading up to that race I had been dealing on and off with injuries and didn’t feel like I could really train for a goal time. My husband and I ran this en route to our Honeymoon in Hawaii (we went on our honeymoon a few months after getting married). We didn’t run it together, but this was his first race so it was a huge accomplishment for him. I ran it in around 4:05 so just beating my previous time by less than 2 minutes. Considering the poor training/injuries and weather that day (pouring rain and windy, cold even for running), I was again excited with my time. 

So for this marathon, I feel like I can put some more effort into running a tougher pace and hopefully breaking 4 hours. Based on my race times in other distances (which maybe I’ll post once I get more acquainted with this whole blog thing), I should be able to run closer to 3:40. I just think the marathon is so much different than other distances, and part of it is the mental battle of doing something for that long. So far I think I am right on track with my training. I am just trying to walk the fine line between training well and over training, while staying healthy. I had dealt with injuries for about 3 years until a few months ago I finally felt like I was running pain free…and I have learned the importance of things like rest days, core work (including strengthening hips and glutes!), and good nutrition. 

As I continue with my training I hope to touch of some of those topics in more detail. I am not yet sure how often I will post or if I will ever figure out how to have a more elaborate blog site like the ones I have been reading for years. But one thing I like looking at is other runners’ weekly training recaps. So, here’s what this week’s training looked like:

Sunday 8/11: rest

Monday 8/12: AM: 7.5 miles w/3 at 8 min/mile, (average overall pace 8:29) core work   PM: Body Pump class

Tuesday 8/13: AM: 9 miles easy (average overall pace 8:54)    PM: Pilates DVD

Wednesday 8/14: 5.6 miles (6x800s). These were around 3:25-3:30 each. (average overall pace 8:12

Thursday 8/15: Yoga class online

Friday 8/16:  4.2 miles easy (average overall pace 8:43) , core work

Saturday 8/17: 20 miles (average overall pace 9:21

Total: 46.3 miles

I felt surprisingly good after the 20 miler (I took an ice bath, but I don’t know how effective it was since the ice melted really fast) but had a wedding that night so I was on my feet more than usual after a long run. I think I have made up for it today by spending most of the day on the couch 🙂 But it definitely feels like marathon training is in full swing….


If anyone happens to come across this blog, let me know what you would like some of my upcoming posts to be about.

-Are you training for any fall races?

-Have you ever dealt with injuries that seemed like they lasted forever?

-Is anyone else dreading that the weather is supposed to go back to being hot and humid this week? (I feel totally spoiled by the break in the heat last week!)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my first post.


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